Fertility Clinic

Within the field of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine we have known that acupuncture increases the chances of success during IVF, as well as optimizing natural fertility, for a long time; 14 years ago the Paulus (2002) study demonstrated excellent results. The paper, published in ‘Fertility and Sterility’, demonstrated a 42.5% pregnancy rate in the acupuncture and IVF group verses a 26.3% success rate in the IVF group.

Acupuncture alongside nutritional advice, helps to rebalance your hormones, stimulate ovulation and prepare your body for conception; whether natural or assisted. It can help to reduce your stress levels, regulate your immune system and manage pain by stimulating the release of beta-endorphins. It is also thought to help to decrease the risk of miscarriage by increasing blood flow to your uterus, and regulating your hormones.

I kindly request at least 3 months commitment. It takes 100 days for sperm to be replaced and 3 months to change a woman’s cycle. During the course of treatment I will offer nutritional advice which will be tailored to your specific needs. I am here to support you through the process.

Please feel free to call and chat through your situation and ask any questions you may have….