"Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing."

World Health Organisation


Acupuncture is an ancient system of Chinese medicine spanning thousands of years. It is a safe, effective treatment that still forms an important part of Chinese healthcare today. In Chinese Medicine the human body is viewed holistically and the focus is  on the health of the person as a whole. The emphasis is always placed on the connection between physical and emotional health.


Sally has a particular interest in:

  • Emotional Health & Trauma

    Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Sexual Trauma

  • Women’s Health

    PMS, Problem Periods, Menopause, Horomonal Issues, Pregnancy, Postnatal Support

  • Fertility

    Natural Conception, Infertility, Unexplained Infertility, IVF, Male Factor Infertility, Miscarriage

Other conditions commonly seen:

  • IBS

  • Chronic Health Conditions

  • Pain Relief

  • Cancer Care

 About Sally

Sally  is a graduate of the  renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading where she studied both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element Style of Acupuncture.

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What is acupuncture?

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